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Recruitment Manager

​I am very happy to be able to recommend Ryan Baker of Woodrow Mercer as a business recruitment partner. I have been working with Ryan for some months; during this time Ryan has been successful in obtaining a number of experienced, qualified staff for short-term projects. Ryan has always maintained a professional approach and it is a pleasure doing business with him.

Recruitment Manager

Director of Commissioning

The Woodrow mercer team provided tailored clinical staff to meet our specific project needs that were relevant, appropriately skilled and timely. The recruitment team supported us and the staff extremely well throughout the project limiting the day to day administrative impacts. Utilising public funds for project support requires a clear focus on prudent, value for money services. It was refreshing to see that Woodrow mercer paid their staff a wage to reflect their skill sets whilst adding a return on investment for the company that was sensible by upholding the morality of public funded services and ensuring the ROI was sufficient to be stable. We will definitely look at Woodrow mercer in the future if we require future project/ interim support. ​

Director of Commissioning


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We are committed to delivering what we promise we are going to do.

Business Models

We are open and transparent in everything we do. From feedback to rates, we want to ensure everyone we work with knows exactly how we work and how much they are being charged.

Value Add Services

We offer fixed margin agreements which are over half the price of our competitors. We also offer training and workshops to our contractors and wider network at no extra cost.

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