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Recruiter Myths that Need Busting

​​Just like there are sometimes negative misconceptions about recruitment, recruiters themselves are also sometimes the subject of myths about their roles. So, what are some of the most important recruiter myths that need busting?

1. Candidates Pay to Work with Recruiters

Recruiters are like hiring managers that offer extra HR support to companies. They earn commission that’s paid for by the prospective employer, as each employer is the client of the recruiter agency. Candidates’ salaries therefore are not reduced by the recruiter.

In fact, the commission that the recruiter normally earns for placing a candidate into a role is based on the starting salary the candidate will get paid. As the commission is usually worked out as a percentage of the gross salary, the higher the salary the recruiter secures for you, the more money they will earn. For this reason, experienced recruiters who place you into a role are also likely to be better placed to negotiate your salary with the employer.

So there’s a chance that working with a recruitment agency could improve your earnings.

2. Interviews with Recruiters are Just for Practice

Many recruiters are well-connected and work closely with top employers in their specialist sector(s).

It’s therefore in your best interest to treat the interview with a recruiter as seriously as you would an interview with an employer: no matter how informal the meeting with the recruiter seems to be. They are gaining a first impression of you, and first impressions matter.

As recruiters often work closely with the internal HR departments and hiring managers of your prospective employer, their feedback upon meeting you will probably be shared with the team and shall provide valuable insight to the employer.

Recruiters are also likely to work with lots of employers in your geographical area too, which means they could be able to influence your chances of meeting with other employers as well.