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A Day in the Life of a Band 4...

Introduce yourself!

Its Jane Connolly I’m from Leamington Spa married with 2 children now in their 30’s and 3 stepchildren. Due to become a step grandmother in February will be first grandchild. I have worked in CHC for 10 ½ years.

What is your primary role, what does it include?

I am now with the Placement Team in D2A side, so my primary role at present is sourcing packages of care and Nursing/Residential Homes for our patients who are D2A patients. This includes identifying placements , liaising to Discharge Team at the hospital and with Managers of nursing /Residential Homes, completing Contracts, and funding strips. Answering phone queries and overseeing the FPT inbox on a rot basis including completing finance queries.


How do you work as part of a team to keep things flowing?

As part of the team I try to help others with their IPA’s if needed or I can see the numbers going up for them  and answering any questions new comers may have,  I will help others with their cases if needed, keep an eye on the emails that come in and try not to let them, answering phone queries fr other members of the team if I can.

What is the favourite aspect of your role?

My favourite aspect of the role is getting people out of hospital and into placements or hoe with a POC, sometimes the NOK will call to say they are happy and settled which is lovely part of the job.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in landing same position as you?

My advice for someone who is interested in same position as me would be to be prepared to be busy, and flexible and if an unhappy NOK calls not to take it personally, and to be empathic with callers. At the same time is very satisfying and fulfilling role to have.

What do you do to relax after work?

To relax after work, I enjoy reading, cooking, walking, seeing friends, watching crime programmes, and completing online Criminal Intermediate Diploma course, I already have a Diploma in Forensic Science and Profiling and a certificate for Criminal Forensic Psychology.


What’s the most exciting part of working in the job you work in?


The most exciting part of the job I would say is when an NOK calls to say thank you, you know you have done a good job for the patient and their relatives.

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